Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's just write something

Hey! It's 2008! Well, it's just a big blur. Actually, more like a blizzard, a snow storm, a long cold night.

On one hand, I'm true to myself and to my principles. On the other hand, I'm still far from being the man I want to be. I admire certain traits in me, yet I despise others. I hate my laziness. I hate my inflexibility. I do love how I can come off as wise and understanding. I love my patience. I love my ability to dream and imagine, and this ability to link ideas together. I love how I can make sense out of disorder. Then, I hate to watch myself let disorders grow around me.

I started this blog so that I'd be encouraged to write more. I hoped some feedback would fuel my desire, and the effort of mere writing would wake my literary instinct up. Unfortunately, while many ideas have come up over the year and a half I've done this, I have yet to find the catalyst, the focus, the drive or the voice. I'm like a catatonic with things to say, but no mean to express myself. A live mind trapped in a dead body.

Let there be change!
If only I believed myself when I say such things...


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