Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angry Angry Hippo

I've realized with time that I used to be expressionless. But not anymore. Now, I do express feelings and emotions. Mostly anger.

I keep getting angry at trivial things, like rain or inanimate objects. I kick tires with a footful of rage (tires, because it's bouncy, and while I'm angry, I'm not stupid enough to actually injure myself on top of it. I don't need that to be hurt anyway). I yell at people. I even yell insults at my boss. Well... I've done that for years, so it's nothing new. But this angry side is starting to worry me. Bad for the blood pressure.

I'm back where I was a teenager. Looking to pick a fight. How did I manage to get rid of it for nearly ten years? I can't remember. Was it just numbness and disinterest? Yes, apathy. How can apathy be the cause and the solution to all of my problem?


numbing charade said...

so what if you're mad at few things or couple? it's better to let out whatever feelings you've been holding than building up pressure inside of you.
Hi Frank nice to meet you, you can call me Charade!

Frank said...

It's not just that it's anger. It's mostly that it's only anger. I don't get other emotions out. Just anger and frustration. Just like when I was 10 years old and tried to rip other kids' heads off just for making fun of me. Not healthy.

numbing charade said...

Try self-help books it worked pretty good for me during
my "what's the purpose of my life" weird phase
here check this out

you could also get mental-health counseling but I wouldn't do that.

Dany said...

Hey man, I had to track you down somewhere. I was glad I remembered Blah....
Anywho, my husband started taking wellbutrin to help him stop smoking and realized that it really helped his mood swings and anger. He would get really angry easily too. I don't know how you feel about drugs but. He is staying on the wellburtin but looking at alternatives on this issue too.
Glad to see you are still out there. Oh, it is Danyelle from concentricus. :)