Saturday, June 14, 2008

Muse wanted

I need a muse. I need that person in my life that will come every now and then and stir things up and shake me out of whatever type of apathy it is that paralyzes me on a daily basis. I need a mental challenge, or someone interested enough to make me talk about these things that I know and want to write about. Right now, I'm just letting it brew inside, but to no avail. I have to spill it and share it, and make it into something else altogether.

But no muse, no spilling, no evolving into something else. I know I have all I need in me, but I just need someone to pull it out. Otherwise, I won't do it.


The salary's not great, but the benefits are... me!


numbing charade said...

this is tempting

Frank said...

Wanna be a muse?

What are your qualifications? Any prior experience?

numbing charade said...

actually none